Friday, 16 November 2012

Snape Maltings 2012

The Snape Maltings ~ The Old Workshop is the ivy clad building to the right
Well, my exhibition has finished at Snape. It went reasonably well, slow but steady with sales each day to keep me happy. As always the feedback was entertaining and useful....well, most of it. I did have one stern looking woman come striding in, followed by a particularly puny and hen-pecked looking husband. She was wearing a pair of shoes which clattered on the floor as she walked, like a particularly pissed off horse. Before he had made it through the entrance lobby, she was on her way back out again, snorting and exclaiming 'Crap!' in a voice loud enough for me to hear. Ah well, I consoled myself with the hope that she might fall off her heels into the river on the way out.....alas, there was no splash.

Mostly though, people seemed to like what I had brought. I had a lovely couple come in who were instantly struck by my 'Gun Dog' drawing.
They had a couple of black labs themselves. They went out, came back for another look, went out again. Eventually they asked if I took Snape Maltings vouchers as they had some to spend. Unfortunately I couldn't take them and they left looking really disappointed. Such a shame as I do appreciate it when I know someone really loves a picture, and they had definitely connected with this one. The next day though they came back in and the lady was beaming from ear to ear. Yes, they'd decided to buy it anyway. I was so pleased, not just to make the sale but that it was going home with them....fair brought a lump to my throat as they left with the bubble wrapped package.

Another couple had such trouble deciding what to buy. They were in the gallery for about an hour or so before finally choosing a couple of paintings and some prints. Literally 5 minutes after they had left the chap was back again to exchange one of them for a different one. No problem. Then the next morning he was back again with the other painting to exchange that one. Another half hour or so passed before he finally left, taking with him my 'Approaching Menace' pastel painting.

I didn't really mind the faffing about but by the end of it all my paperwork looked like a first draft of a Sex Pistols song.

And so it went on. It can get quite boring sitting in the gallery, telling people over and over again how long it took to draw something, no I've never been to Africa, no I don't do tuition, yes this is my own hair blah blah etc. etc. So I spent a bit of time with my camera. To the right here is the Old Workshop Gallery in it's Autumn livery of Virgina Creeper and ivy.
On the quay outside there are often boats coming and going. This photo shows the beautiful old Thames barge 'Cygnet' leaving on a trip down river to Aldeburgh.
And finally a couple of shots inside the gallery.
On the Saturday Roy Simmons, the founder of the Paint My Photo website and all around top bloke arrived with his family. It was nice to meet them and I think we got on well. He'd already been in touch to see about making a YouTube video at the exhibition, something I agreed to do but was dreading. I'm not too good at talking in front of an audience and certainly not too confident about being filmed and interviewed.....but here is the result. (Don't watch it if you are of a nervous disposition) I think I looked a million dollars......unfortunately in loose change....

And so we move on. I enjoyed the exhibition, it's a great venue and I think it will be even better in the nice weather, so I've booked it provisionally twice....yes TWICE for next year. The first one at the end of May/beginning of June. I'll post details nearer the time.

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Sue Clinker said...

I got the video link via a PMP email so have seen half the interview (saving the rest till later - you can have just too much of a good thing) LOL

You came across well - didn't sound/look nervous at all!