Friday, 21 December 2012

I'd Give That Five Minutes

Well, last week the postman brought me another lovely surprise in the form of a box containing several tubes of the wonderful Daniel Smith watercolour paints and a tub of watercolour ground. There was no indication of who sent it, just that it came from Ken Bromley's art supplies and had been paid for. Jenny immediately assumed I'd been splashing out on more expensive stuff we couldn't really afford while I pleaded innocence....although at the back of my mind I was wondering if I'd actually ordered it and forgotten.....I am getting older you know. After some investigation it turned out that it came from a dear friend in Australia. She has sent me loads of stuff before and I really am indebted to her for introducing me to these marvellous paints from Daniel Smith which would normally be beyond my budget. Along with another selection I received from another friend in the USA I now have a good selection of colours as well as the tub of ground. I haven't used the ground before but I'm thinking I may use it to texture some paper before beginning my next watercolour, perhaps something slightly more abstract.....we'll see.

Meanwhile above you can see my latest watercolour painting using some of the new paints. I used a couple of reference photographs for the little badger, adding the loosely conceived background to give some depth and interest. The title? Well once finished he seemed to be coming right out of the paper at me and put me in mind of an old work colleague from years back who had a particular turn of phrase when..... well I'll leave that to your imagination.

I hope everyone who reads my blog has a good time over the Christmas period. We don't really do much now the kids are grown up and gone. I've had a busy couple of weeks so I'm looking forward to battening down the hatches, putting my feet up with a bottle or two for company and having a bit of a rest. Perhaps I may do some ....erm.... painting.


Sharon Whitley said...

I know exactly who you're talking about Peter! She's a wonderful person and an inspirational lady who I feel privileged to call a dear friend - even though I'm very unlikely to actually meet her in person - enjoy those paints, I'm deliberating whether to get a tube myself - just to see - but better use up the paints I've got first! The badger is wonderful, love the way you've done a vignette - have a wonderful christmas and hope 2013 brings lots of sales your way x

Sue Clinker said...

Lovely painting Peter and especially poignant at the moment with all the threats of badger culling etc.

Have a great Christmas but don't drink and draw (I've tried that with some very odd results)

Jessica said...

Very nice painting.
Happy Holidays.