Friday, 22 February 2013

A Walk On The Wild Side

Having just completed a couple of small pet portrait commissions in pencil, I've been back at the painting easel again this week. This was a bit of a different subject for me, but I came across the reference photo on the Paint My Photo website and thought it might make a nice addition to my series of still life paintings I've been engrossed in of late. I used a piece of Arches paper from the 'job lot' I picked up a while back. It was very smooth paper, apparently recommended for botanical paintings. It took a while for me to get used to the lack of texture but made the reflections a bit easier to achieve.
Apart from the impact made by the design of these shoes, I quite like the hint at a story with the rose and the discarded rings in the composition. People viewing this picture have been saying that they hadn't noticed the rings at first. I think that's a good thing, encouraging the viewer to look closer and perhaps think about the suggested story a bit more. I added the little baby wren to complete the scene (and confuse things a little)
I've framed it now as above and it's available for sale on my website here.

After quite a busy New Year in terms of sales, I'm relieved to say I've built up my stock of new work a little now, so can relax a bit before the exhibitions and shows begin in the Spring. I had planned to start a new wood carving today for a change of activity. I find the change of medium helps prevent me from getting stale and running out of steam, giving me time to think up fresh ideas. Many artists seem to suffer from a block occasionally, or feel they are on some sort of production line. Interspersing my painting or drawing sessions with something different, just as a hobby but equally creative, is my way of making sure that's rarely a problem for me.

Unfortunately I'm not feeling up to it today. My health is all over the place at the moment. I'm going in to hospital on Monday for an angiogram and hopefully soon after they will book me in to carry out the much needed repairs to my heart. Not something I'm looking forward to but it will be good to get it over with so I can start to get myself  fit again. The downside is that I'll be on blood thinning drugs afterwards. What with my habit of managing to stab myself regularly while wood carving, my workshop is going to look even more like an abattoir than usual, perhaps I'd better lay off that at least in the short term.


Sue Clinker said...

Love this one Peter - quirky and sure to appeal to the buyers!

Your post reminded me I said I'd get David to check the tools in our shed as I think we still have some of his dad's woodworking stuff. Have to wait till the weather's a bit warmer now.

Have you checked out the wood carvers gloves (Kevlar I think)?

Peter Williams said...

Good idea, I'm going to need them I think..... (I wonder if there is a kevlar onesie)

Sue Clinker said...

Not a nice thought ..... are you really that dangerous with the woodworking tools then? :-)