Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Wild Thing

It was sad to hear of the death of dear old Reg Presley recently, The Troggs were one of those bands I grew up with. I remember, aged about 14, going out and buying an ocarina so that I could learn the solo from 'Wild Thing'. It was the only tune I ever learned to play on it..... I recently discovered my ocarina displayed as an ornament on my brother's sideboard.

Ever since I read of his demise I have had the song 'Wild Thing' buzzing around my head. So here is my latest watercolour in my still-life series featuring an ocarina as well as my old harmonica and a guitar as a back drop. It wouldn't really be me if I didn't include a creature of some sort so I've re-painted my rat from a few paintings ago (which sold rather quickly) and I've called it 'Wild Thing'
Does it make your heart sing? .....Groovy.


marc calvo said...

Bery cute mouse picture!.Salutations from Catalonia!.

Kathryn Hansen said...

never heard of a ocarina before...but it adds a nice color touch!! the mouse is soo cute!!!