Friday, 15 March 2013

Desperadoes WIP

Stage 1. Click to enlarge

Stage 2. Click to enlarge
Back to my drawing board this week. Wolves are one of my favourite subjects to draw or paint and I must have created dozens over the years. However, looking at my spreadsheets of what has sold and what is left, I see I only have one wolf painting remaining which is a pastel piece entitled 'Nova'. Obviously my customers like this subject too so I'm working on this fairly large panoramic piece which is about 26 x 12 inches in size, using graphite pencils on Stonehenge paper.

I started with a reference photograph from the Wet Canvas reference library of one wolf which was a rather sad depiction of him laying in a dusty compound at a zoo. Using ideas from many more photographs from Paint My Photo, I have sketched in another two wolves to my composition and set about creating a panoramic scene for them to feature in. I am making the background and foreground up as I go along, so at this point I can't say how it's going to finish up.

The above represents 3 sessions of work totalling about 15 hours and I estimate I'm about half way through. What with a busy weekend of sport ahead (rugby and the Australian Grand Prix) to distract me, I can't see a lot more progress being made until early next week.

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