Thursday, 28 March 2013

Latest Work In Progress

Another still life painting I began working on this week, it's watercolour on Arches Aquarelle paper. I had been thinking of painting a portrait for a change, but at a loss to decide the subject. I always have to think about it's marketability so pointless doing a self portrait and I no longer feel comfortable with using celebrity images.

Fortunately, my friend and fellow artist Joanna Laurence offered me the chance to use one of her photographs for reference. She models for her own work and sent me some fabulous photographs to choose from. I didn't want anything too erotic so I came up with the idea you can see coming together here. It will be entitled 'Cigarettes and Whisky and Wild, Wild Women'. Initially I was going to put the photo into a calendar in the background but couldn't work out a decent composition, so I chose to use an ornamental frame instead. This in itself was very challenging. I'm using my Daniel Smith paints, the gold ochre and bronzite have worked well with a touch of permanent brown here and there too, but the moulding was very time consuming.

The whole painting measures 16 a 12 inches, so the actual portrait is only about 5.5 x 3.5 inches, again quite challenging to paint that small. The image of Joanna here isn't quite finished yet, I need to smooth out the face a little but I'm quite happy with it.

There is also to be some bank notes and coins, my whisky-pig (the same one as in my 'Whisky In The Jar' painting) as well as a sunflower, cigarette and ashtray. So quite a way to go yet.
I've actually completed a bit more today but I won't post any further progress shots now until it's completed.

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Sue Clinker said...

See you're braving the 'written words' again Peter :-)

Looking good so far.