Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Paint My Photo Quarterly Magazine

I'd almost forgotten I'd written an article for the Paint My Photo website's quarterly news letter quite some time ago. It's just been published and I'm on pages 35 - 42 There are some other interesting articles too, take a look.
Paint My Photo has been such a fantastic resource for me over the past few years. For people such as myself who lack the photographic skills, equipment and opportunities to get very much of our own reference material there is a wealth of fantastic photographs to use without any fears about copyright issues. There is also a thriving community to tap into whether it be for advice, critique or just for friendship.

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Sue Clinker said...

I joined PMP way back but got 'out of the habit' so thanks for the reminder about what a great resource this site is.

Unfortunately, several of the exhibitions/competitions I like to enter work for insist that any reference photos are taken by the artist. Other people's photos aren't acceptable (even if copyright has been waived)