Saturday, 6 April 2013

Prince of Darkness

I thought it time I tried my hand at another portrait. I recently came across a great photograph by Keith Saint and, after asking his permission to use it for reference I got started.
After drawing it out lightly I started on the face. I chose a sheet of Arches Hot Pressed paper for this. I thought it might be more suitable for a portrait but, to be honest I prefer paper with a decent texture. This was too smooth for my style of painting really, never mind. Above is where I got to after a couple of broken sessions of painting. A lot of distractions of late so it's difficult to calculate how long I actually spent painting.

Next I put in a bit of loose background before continuing with the hat and later the hair.
Prince Of Darkness
The last part is where I really struggled with the paper, on the hands. They've ended up a bit darker than I'd planned but overall I'm quite pleased with the end result. Looking at it now though, I wish I'd used a larger piece of paper. To the right I may have painted in a raven. Anyhow, this is 14 x 10 inches watercolour on Arches CP paper.


Sue Clinker said...

Well, youve got room for a rat on his shoulder LOL

Great painting and wonderful subject. Love the rings!

Peter Williams said...

Thanks Sue....why didn't I think of that!

Studio at the Farm said...

WHAT an amazing-looking person!!! He looks like a character form a Dickens novel. I can't stop looking at his eyes. You really have created a superb and completely fascinating portrait!

Peter Williams said...

Thanks. The model for the original photo is a guy from Northumberland called Mick Brotherton. Just the sort of character for an interesting portrait.