Thursday, 18 April 2013

Rising Damp

Rising Damp ~ watercolour on Arches, about 13.5 x 9.5 inches
Today I did a quick watercolour of Murphy. I've had the reference photograph since last Winter but not gotten around to using it.

It's nice having a willing and handsome model always available. Even though it's unlikely anyone will want to buy a painting of someone elses dog, (and I do have to consider that as I paint for a living) I just fancied painting him for a change.


Kerry Lindsell said...

Beautiful colours and great technique, very soft :)
You never know, I am only assuming he's an Alsatian form the paintng, but those who love the breed may want to buy it if marketed properly!

Studio at the Farm said...

Gorgeous texture in the dog's coat! And I love how you insinuated the foreground grasses.

Peter Williams said...

Thanks. Kerry you're right. I will probably take it with me to shows and it might interest someone or prompt an enquiry for a commission.

Sharon Whitley said...

Yes I think you may be surprised and sell this one - there are a lot of Alsation lovers out there, gorgeous painting!