Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Spring 2013

Heart of Africa
This pencil drawing got a bit damaged in transit after my exhibition in Snape and so had to be reframed. As you can see it's now in the speckled silver frame I usually use for my pencil drawings, rather than the pale wood one it had been in. I've not displayed 'Heart of Africa' for a while and had almost forgotten about it before getting it out of it's StiffyBag at the show. It turned out to be one of the most popular pieces in terms of positive comments although it didn't quite attract a buyer.

There was a group of elderly ladies, all walking frames and blue rinses, on a day trip who were oohing and aahing over it and I really thought it might go. However the youngest of the group, the daughter of one of the elderly ladies was much more attracted to my 'Unbreakable Bond' drawing.

Unbreakable Bond

After quite a bit of discussion they eventually toddled off to get some lunch but to my surprise this little old lady held back until the others were gone before virtually sprinting over to me in a cloud of lavender scent, waving her bank card in one hand and walking stick in the other. She bought it as a present for her daughter, telling me to keep it until they were on their way home so that she could surprise her with it.

It was lovely to witness the eventual presentation and I know that drawing has gone to a good home.

Another one I've had for several years now, finally got sold. 'Tough Guys' was a drawing of two Suffolk Punch heavy horses that I'd created especially for a little show I did a the Hollsley Bay stud farm but which I seemed to be stuck with.

Tough Guys
I've always liked this one and as it was a pretty large piece which took a long time to create, I had quite a high price on it. It was snapped up by a horsey couple who barely spoke to me at all. Quite a contrast to before. Still, it confirmed to me that no matter how long you have to keep a painting or drawing, eventually the right person will see it and buy it and you shouldn't feel the need to reduce the price just to try and shift it.

Several other pieces went but it seemed to be mainly lower priced items that were most popular. I have quite a large selection of small 7 x 5 prints which I mount and wrap and they sold like hot cakes. All in all it was well worth the trouble and expense of having the exhibition, and Snape continues to be a really good venue. One thing I always enjoy at exhibitions is meeting friends who I don't often see or actually for the first time if they are Facebook 'friends'. Several of them came in which was nice and helped to keep me sane. I'll be back there in the Autumn and have already booked for 2014 too.

 Next up is another craft fair at the Methodist Hall in Southwold this weekend, Friday to Sunday.


Katherine Thomas said...

Your drawings are breath taking. I really admire the blending, shading and overall tone of the compositions. The speckled silver frame is perfect for graphite! I had never thought of that. Congrats on your sale!

Peter Williams said...

Thanks Katherine

Sue Clinker said...

Congratulations on the sales Peter. Interesting point about not dropping prices to shift 'old' work.

I have too many framed pictures in my studio and was going to hold a 'knockdown price' sale at the next local exhibition. Perhaps I should rethink ...

Peter Williams said...

It's very tempting isn't it. But unless it's something I think is a little under par, I'm going to stick to my prices and be patient from now on.

Kathryn Hansen said...

Congrats on a good show!! It's always fun to see an older piece leave the nest...sometimes the right person just doesn't come around for years!!