Friday, 30 August 2013

Southwold Art and Craft Fair

'Cigarettes And Whiskey And Wild Wild Women' Sold at Southwold Arts and Craft Fair at the weekend, (thanks Joanna Laurence for the use of your face) It went to a lady who recently lost her husband, he was in a band and this was one of the songs he used to sing. They played it at his wake... now the painting is a reminder of him.... how nice.

It turned out to be quite a good little show for me in the end for a change. Not the busiest but sales were quite good.

That's the last event I'm doing this year. I've had to cancel the next one at Southwold and my exhibition at Snape Maltings, due to ill health and my forthcoming heart surgery. I'm also now going to have to cancel the Aldeburgh show at the Jubilee Hall as my op has been put back. I just don't think I'll be fit enough in time. That's a bit of a belt to my income, not to mention the fact that I hate to let people down. Can't be helped though......

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