Friday, 30 August 2013

If My Heart Surgeon Commissions A Painting (part 2)

Dear Doctor Maxwell FRCS. CTh. Consultant Surgeon Papworth Hospital.

Hi Max. It was nice of you to come and visit me again this week at my studio. You must be loving that journey by now, I hear the A14 is stunning at this time of the year. Obviously I had better things to do than actually be there but Melvin and his mates tell me they had a great day, chatting to you, all asking those same questions and going through the same details with you again. It's incredible that the answers are still the same.... what fun. Melvin tells me that five hours passed so quickly.

I'll bet you were really excited to be told that in just a few days your painting would be ready for you to take home. I can just picture your beaming, smiley face as you dashed about making all of the arrangements and getting everything ready to receive it. Hahahaha! Gotcha!

Well, I know I'm such a wag sometimes. It was all so convincing eh? Of course it never was going to happen when I said, but think how happy you have been for those few days believing it finally was. It kept you away from that death bed eh? I'm full of ideas like that. Something has actually come up though. The details are none of your business of course but what with one thing and another, well actually I haven't started on your picture yet.

Anyway, the guys will be around over the next few days to see what you've got left worth taking. Meanwhile, don't think of this as an opportunity to get some more work done, I've told you I don't want you doing anything at all now. So what if you get a little hungry? it will be worth it I can assure you.

Don't worry, I've asked Melvin to phone you up and discuss other arrangements. Please, no need to thank me it's no trouble, really. I do this all the time. You can come back a week or so later than planned if it's not too convenient..... just in case you are superstitious we'll call it Friday the 13th. This date is definite, although it could change at the drop of a hat.

See ya.... wouldn't wanna be ya.....


Sue Clinker said...

Oh dear Peter ... what's happened?

Peter Williams said...

Thursday I received a date for my op. for 5th of Sept. Tuesday I spent 5 hours at Papworth for pre op consultations. Today I got phone call cancelling the op. I have a provisional new date of Friday 13th..... not holding my breath.

Sue Clinker said...

Bl**dy hell!! Sorry to hear that Peter but nothing surprises me about the NHS these days.