Sunday, 8 September 2013


Yet again I am reminded what a wonderful thing this internet is. A boring story really but the other night I had a short conversation on facebook with a Dutch artist and happened to recognise the name of the town he came from. I used to be stationed in Monchengladbach in Germany, near the Dutch border and spent many a weekend across the border in Venlo back in the '70s. So I google earthed it to see if I recognised any of the places (I didn't) but it got me interested and so I started looking at other places I was stationed. When I looked at Werl in North Rhine-Westphalia some photographs popped up by a photographer who also served there (a bit after me) It seems the whole barracks area has been deserted and derelict for a good few years now, but a lot has been left as it was all those years ago. The guy made a beautiful video of his photographs too. I recognise so much in this (it's a bit long and uninteresting to anyone who wasn't there) I felt I could still here the voices from all those years ago, particularly the photographs of the old workshops where I toiled away on armoured vehicles for a couple of years. The pic above is one of the accommodation blocks, I'm sure this was actually mine (memory is not that great now).

The site is due for demolition by the end of this year.... quite sad really although I hope the guard room gets it first..... was locked in there for several weeks in total, rascal that I was....... I wouldn't mind going over there and taking a sledge hammer to it myself.

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