Saturday, 12 October 2013

Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home

Back in the saddle, here is my first piece since coming home from hospital after my heart surgery. I had a major problem to begin with in the fact that I couldn't see very well. My eyesight had become a complete blur as a side effect of the operation and also, a suspected side effect of one of the drugs I was on. I went to my GP and she checked over my eyes, I could only make out the big A on the first line of the eye chart but there was no obvious cause. So I was told I had to just give it more time and see what happened. So I had to walk around with my reading glasses on just to see where I was going. However I did find that, with my strong glasses on and my nose pressed to the paper, I could see well enough to do a bit of drawing. I wasn't expecting much, just wanted something to occupy me and give me a bit of incentive to get out of bed in the mornings.

Taking a piece of A3 Bristol board and a reference photo from the Paint My Photo website, I had to work in very short sessions of from 10 minutes to half an hour to begin with as I was still a bit weak and fragile from the op. After about 30 minutes my arm would start to shake with the effort. So with all this I found it quite remarkable that after a few days I had managed to achieve this first stage.
 My eyes were beginning to improve, although it's hard to judge different levels of blurriness. I decided to work for a while on the background as this didn't require too much effort, apart from drawing around the whiskers.
 Continuing on with the mother tiger's head I was still struggling a bit but getting better each day. The next photo represents nearly 2 weeks of work, working very slowly just in these short sessions each day.
 By this point there was a definite improvement in my sight so I was able to put in a decent days work to complete the mother's face.
 Next came the cub, quite tricky to achieve that really soft fluffy fur effect so again, slow work.
 By the time I reached this stage my eyes were back to about 90% normal. So having got to the bottom I could now see areas from the early stages which needed refining slightly, but not too bad considering.
I can't go and get an eye test and new glasses for several weeks yet as my vision is still changing, some days are better than others, so I persevered to the finish. Actually it's quite satisfying to have completed this with my dodgy eye sight. Below is the final drawing (I know, not a lot different to the one above) Actually there is several hours of refining and tidying up in this final version, only really noticeable when you see it 'live'.
I have an exhibition at the end of November so will be completing some more new work before then.


Kathryn Hansen said...

a wonderful drawing, especially under such circumstances!! so glad for you that your vision is returning to normal!!

ESP said...

And that's with blurry vision?!?! I'm glad you gave it a go - it's a fine piece of work. What an intimate and unusual view of this magnificent animal's 'home life'.