Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Dark Side

A new graphite pencil drawing.
The Dark Side
Approximately 15 x 11 inches, graphite pencils on Stonehenge paper. I was trying out a new set of pencils (Caron D'Ache) but I found that I couldn't achieve the depth of tone I get with my favourite pencils (Lyra Orlow) so I went over it all again at the end and re-did the darkest darks. I think I'll stick to the Lyra pencils in future, they're not easily found here as they are a German brand and not carried by the usual online stockists, but I found some on Ebay and Amazon so I bought 2 sets! They're quite cheap really but I feel that they suit me the best.... nice rich tones.

This will shortly be framed and be ready for my forthcoming exhibition at Snape Maltings (details to follow)

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