Thursday, 28 August 2014

Latest and Last Ever Pet Portrait Commission

At long last I have completed this commission I was asked to do for a friend. I didn't mind creating it at all and was flattered to be asked but think it will have to be the last commission I ever do, I just cannot get excited or enthusiastic about doing them. There is also the fact that once they are done then that's it. Nobody apart from the pet's owners is interested in the final image (shown here) apart from the occasional artist friend wanting to keep an eye on what I'm up to. So there will not be the opportunity for prints, which is where a lot of the value of an art work lies. I have paintings which sold years ago for as little as £140 but from which I have earned several times that by selling prints.

I always have many creative ideas buzzing about in my head and get real joy from attempting them, even if a good proportion fail and end up in the bin. To me it's what being an artist is all about. I've been itching to get onto the next one as well as to continue with some more writing. So please don't ask me to do any more fluffy cats or dogs. I will more than likely say no thanks.

Every now and again I do get asked to do something I am more enthusiastic about, such as the portrait of the late, great Tessa the Esso tiger. Her owner had a son who grew up with Tessa as a pet. My portrait was a gift for him from his girlfriend. I enjoyed that one very much as I had the challenge of using several different reference photographs to attain a suitable composition. Since it's completion I have already sold several prints of the image too, so indications are that it is one which will keep on earning for me.
It's not all about the money I know, but I am running a small business at the end of the day. More importantly I think it's obvious by looking at the two drawings that I enjoyed the tiger portrait much more than I did the dogs and therefore achieved a far better result, thus learning a little more about my craft and hopefully taking a further tiny step along my journey of improvement.

Now, with a clear head and an empty order book I can relax and start on my next project before I start to get ready for my solo exhibition at Snape Maltings which begins on the 5th of September.

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