Monday, 24 November 2014

My First Post For A While. A Look Back at 2014

I have been very lazy in keeping up with my Blog over the past year and for that I do apologise to anyone who has missed me. I am of the opinion though, that it is only likely to be a small number of people. There hadn't been much in the way of a response to anything I posted and I had begun to think I was just talking to myself. Therefore I have made more effort on my facebook pages over recent times than here on my blog. Never mind. Instead I will write more infrequently but hopefully still keep anyone interested, up to date with my exploits.

I have been busy this year though, with exhibiting and creating many new works as well as producing a book 'Blood Sweat and Beer'  (available everywhere, linked from my website) and embarking on a second (which is still in progress)

Here are a few of my more recent art works which may have escaped attention, many of which are still available.
'Another Bloody Sunset' Pastel

'Back Off' Pencil

'Force of Nature' Pencil

'Forever Autumn' pastel

'High and Mighty 2' pastel

'In Your Face' watercolour

'Life Goes On' watercolour

'Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head' pastel

'They Call Me Bill' watercolour

'Tricked Out' watercolour
As you can see, quite an eclectic mix of subjects and media. There are many more new ones which can be seen on the Mighty Fine Art website.

I have also put together a gallery on the highly successful Artfinder website. They have sold many pictures for me over the last couple of months or so, even though the commission on sales is quite high, it does mean I have space for a lot more new work.

It was sad to see the demise of The Printers Inc. company who had been producing my giclee prints to order. I have now adapted my website to take viewers and potential customers to Fine Art America which has been a consistent and reliable print on demand site for me. I do still have a few prints in stock which I can send out directly, but I am running down my personal collection as print on demand appears to be the way to go for me.

I shared a pop-up shop in Halesworth with some friends throughout the Summer, There were mixed results although it was useful in terms of getting my face out there. I don't think it will be repeated for 2015.

I am also cutting right down on my craft fair exploits in the new year, concentrating more on large solo exhibitions predominantly at Snape Maltings. These have been very lucrative for me this year. I'm hoping to be able to spend more time producing new work rather than traipsing around local fairs.
I also want more time to spend with my new dog, soon to be arriving from the rescue centre. There will never be another Murphy but he has left such a huge hole in our lives to be filled, so looking forward to another GSD in the family.

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