Sunday, 7 December 2014

A good week's work. Walk The Walk, Wish you were Here, Geronimo!

Well, more like 2 weeks work but who's counting.
Walk The Walk ~ Pencil on Ingres Fabriano
Here is my latest pencil drawing, created from a reference photo on the Paint My Photo website. I used a sheet of Ingres Fabriano pastel paper for this piece, which has a canvas weave texture to it. It was a bit of an experiment to be honest. Jenny liked it straight away but I needed time to consider it. Now I'm used to it I think it's worked quite well. A little different from my usual highly detailed Bristol board work or the slightly looser Stone Henge. I will be framing this in an antiqued silver leaf frame when I get time, before uploading to my websites for sale. I loved the pose of this totally wild leopard, photographed in Africa, and I think I may well have another go at it at a future date, but painted in colour next time.

Meanwhile, here is a small watercolour I did earlier, also on a piece of pastel paper.
Wish You Were Here ~ watercolour on Fabriano Artistico paper.
This piece has an interesting horizontal texture to it which gives a great effect to the painted wood work. Based on the window of a Southwold beach hut, it was supposed to be a simple quickie which I thought would make a nice greetings card, Once sketched out though, I decided it needed something more so added the herring gull. Then I had to work in a broken pane of glass so that the gull could gain entry. What with the extra flaky paint effects it ended up taking a lot longer than I'd planned, but I'm pleased with it. I've just framed this in a 2 inch wide natural wood frame which I have lime waxed to give that drift wood, sun bleached look.
Geronimo! ~ watercolour on Arches NOT paper
Finally, a larger piece. Fed up with the way the weather has changed so quickly and the light has disappeared from the short winter days, I decided to paint something happy and summery. This is the result. It reminds me of growing up, running around with my friends, cousins and brothers in huge gangs and loving every minute of the seemingly endless summer holidays back in the fifties and sixties. This one is framed in a wormhole yew frame with a gold sight edge and is already for sale on the website, but I'm hoping I get to keep it for a while yet before parting with it. It currently is hanging in my lounge to cheer it up a bit.

All in all, a busy but productive period.

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