Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A Morning Dip

I don't know whether any of my Dutch friends over on the other side of the North Sea noticed an unusual rise in sea level this morning, but I've just returned from the beach after my first proper swim of the year......At Sizewell. It was fabulous although spur of the moment so, as nobody was about, I skinny dipped and dried off afterwards in the breeze. Bonnie, who only swam for the first time ever last week, swam right out with me and didn't stray more than a yard from my side. It was like swimming with a dolphin, apart from the thrashing sharp claws.... (and the big furry ears) I took a direct hit right where I'd rather have not. Just a scratch but being on Warfarin, I always bleed like a stuck pig. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, Leon who was in and out as usual behaving like a demented 2 year old, nicked my underpants and one of me socks before I got out. They weren't fit for purpose once I'd retrieved them, so I had to go commando on the walk back, about a mile or so. What with the sand and sea water (no towel), this has led to rather more in the way of friction than is comfortable, bringing back memories of trying to light a fire with 2 sticks as a kid. I'm now sat with a cuppa and a strategically positioned absorbent dressing, not a pretty sight. Suffice to say, I'll go better equipped next time...... It was nice though

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