Thursday, 6 August 2015


 Back to my graphite pencil drawing this week and this piece was a joy to create. The Avocet is reasonably common along this stretch of coastline where I live in Suffolk, although my photography skills and equipment are not up to capturing very good reference photographs from a distance. So I have used a lovely photograph which I found on the Paint My Photo website, taken by Lynton Bolton.

This piece was created on Bristol board and it wasn't long before I regretted not choosing something with a little more tooth to work on. The water proved to be very tricky to reproduce and after day one I did consider starting again. However, with fresh eyes I persevered on day two and it came together quite quickly.

I was then able to put in the bird with great confidence and it wasn't long before I found myself finishing off, signing and spray sealing it. I've chosen a distressed silver gilt frame for this drawing which I think suits it well.

I've had an enormous amount of positive feedback for this drawing over on my Facebook page which is very encouraging. Now for sale on the Mighty Fine Art website.


Avocet - detailed view

Avocet - framed

Avocet - in situ

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