Saturday, 5 September 2015

A Few More Works Created in August

My most recent pencil drawing to date, 'Angels of Avalon' which is about 22 x 11.5 inches, graphite pencil on Strathmore series 400 paper. The ravens are based on a photograph taken by Dee Otter. I spotted her photograph on Deviant Art and thought it quite unusual, the way the two birds are interacting so I contacted her and was very pleased when she agreed to allow me to use it for reference. It's now framed and available for sale on my Mighty Fine Art website. As you will see if you follow my link, I have used a different frame moulding to the usual one I use for pencil drawings, slightly more expensive but I think it looks pretty good so will be using it in future.

Angels of  Avalon

'The Little Big Man' is again graphite pencil on Strathmore paper based on a reference photo I found on the Paint My Photo website. All of my previously completed tiger cub drawings have been sold so I thought it time to produce another. This drawing is 23 x 12.5 inches and is also now framed and available for sale from my Mighty Fine Art website.
The Little Big Man

 This little portrait of a snow leopard which I entitled 'Imagine' has been sold. It was created with coloured pencils on a piece of Fabriano Artistico CP watercolour paper that I was trialing. I found the paper wonderful to use, very similar in texture to my usual Strathmore but with greater weight and a brighter white. I shall be using this paper for coloured pencil work in future, once I need to replenish my existing stock of other papers (don't believe in waste) My reference photo again came from the Paint My Photo site.

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