Monday, 7 September 2015

Over Reacting

Another over reacting dog walker with a pet 'rat' on a lead at Sizewell this morning, calling me effing this and effing that. I was rather pleased with my self-control by replying 'good morning to you too mate' and walking off. There was a time I would have just blatted him.

I've been quite pleased with Bonnie's progress of late. Still far from good when meeting other dogs but now, perhaps 4 out of 10 dogs she meets she doesn't react to at all. The others, she runs over and has a couple of barks and then runs back to me within a few seconds, often accompanied by the other dog. Most people accept that it's just dogs being dogs and don't mind at all and in fact if given time to settle down they sort themselves out and get on fine. A lot of dogs running free on the beach do the same. If I had a quid for every dog that barked at me with my two I'd be a rich man, but of course with Bonnie being a German Shepherd, people get angry at me. So usually, if I see someone I don't know approaching, especially with a little dog, I clip her on the lead to save any aggro.

This morning though, as apparently there was nobody about at all we were having a good bit of play time with a tennis ball and a bit of recall/obedience practice. But this bloke appeared from nowhere out of the bushes and Bonnie dashed over to him and his little dog before I could stop her. She was back within 20 seconds I reckon, after one blast on my whistle but he totally lost it. It's bloody frustrating. I need to let her socialise to improve her behavior, to let her run free to train her and she's a dog who needs a lot of vigorous exercise anyway.

Below is a video of Bonnie playing with Leon. Towards the end you can see how she likes to play, running and chasing, usually accompanied by a bit of barking.
Do you think I'm in the wrong? She has never shown any aggression, just noisy boisterous play and even when attacked by a nasty little Jack Russel a little while ago she wasn't interested in fighting, just barking.
I'm waffling.....but needed to get that off me chest.

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Linda Reichert said...

As long as your doggie isn't aggressive and you have control, other ppl need to get over it.I have a Rottie. We were out hiking one day and,there are leash laws, out of nowhere this beagle, off leash attacked her.