Saturday, 17 October 2015

September's Work (and one from October)

I'm a bit late showing September's work as I've been back and forward to hospital quite a bit and time has been at a premium. It's also meant that I've had to cancel my forthcoming exhibition at Snape Maltings as I'm likely to be having further appointments. However I have some new work.

The first is 'Diamonds and Rust' for which I used a photograph of the rusty mooring ring and lichen covered rocks from Paint My Photo and featured a common tern which I have used in a previous painting.
Diamonds and Rust

This is a watercolour painting, 13.75 x 10 inches on Arches paper using Daniel Smith paints. It sold not long after completion.

The next is a 15 x 21 inches pastel painting on Pastelmat, again using a reference photo from PMP for the jaguar and a separate photo for the sky and landscape. I was particularly pleased with how the sky turned out for this one, very enjoyable to re-create.

Domain - detail

Domain - detail
Finally, my latest piece just completed which is a coloured pencil drawing. 'War Is Hell' 19 x 16 inches on a piece of Strathmore series 400 paper. I'm not sure what my followers will make of this one, I'll be interested to hear all comments (positive or negative)
War Is Hell

War Is Hell - Detail

War Is Hell - detail
It's been quite a journey drawing this with my leg stuck up awkwardly on a chair while I worked, but an ideal piece to keep me occupied while recovering from surgery.
I've used photographs of my own for references, the dog being our mighty Leon and the vintage Harley is one I spotted outside a pub where I was exhibiting a few years ago. The writing on the helmet is the famous slogan written by a US soldier and photographed circa 1965 in Vietnam, hence the title. I've used our Union Jack flag though, as the sentiment is universal. I thought I'd add a bit of a 'steam punk' flavour with the helmet.

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