Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Sound of Silence

I have loads more new work created since my last post. One of the most recent is this one 'The Sound of Silence' which I painted specifically to enter into the Jackson's Art competition 2016. It's quite a large and very detailed watercolour painting of a barn owl taking flight from a ramshackle old building. As usual I've use my Daniel Smith paints for this which produce wonderful textures as well as great depth of colour.
The Sound of Silence

Hooter's Drum

The more observant of my followers may remember the same ruined barn window which I used for reference for this painting way back in March 2015 which sold very quickly. I always liked this one and was sad to see it go. If I'd still got it I would have entered this instead, so decided to produce something similar.

 I think I prefer the owl being in flight which gives the painting far more movement while still retaining the sense of calm and quiet, hence the title.

In the end though, after much deliberation and a quick survey on my Facebook page, I decided to enter a different painting which I hope may stand a better chance of success, so this one is framed and up for sale on my Mighty Fine Art website. Below is the painting I have opted to enter into the Jackson's competition. 'Knots Landing' which is another watercolour, equally demanding to produce but I think it (hopefully) will have slightly more appeal to the judges.
Knots Landing

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