Monday, 2 May 2016

The Sky's The Limit

Having completed this pastel drawing on pastelmat a few months ago, I found most of the comments and feedback I received referred to the sky. I had found the sky the easiest part of the picture to create as it's just a case of selecting colours and rubbing chalk pastels into the pastelmat before a final refining. The feathers and fine details of the bird however had been seriously time consuming. But this picture sold very quickly.
High and Mighty 2

Fairly recently, as I have a lot of reference photographs of ospreys to use I decided to draw a similar scene to 'High and Mighty 2' which I entitled 'Breakfast In America'. Again it was the sky which seemed to grab the most attention and again the picture sold very quickly.
Breakfast In America
Last week I spotted another photograph in my library, taken by a friend locally on the Suffolk marshes where Jeff the dog had found his way onto an old abandoned boat. I thought this scene would lend itself nicely to yet another big sky.

This time, after completing the sky in pastel I decided to draw the lower third of the composition with coloured pencils. I'd not tried them on the Pastelmat card before but I think the result is very pleasing and I found it much easier to obtain the level of detail I was after. I don't think that the reflections in the water would have worked so well with pastel. This one is still available from my Mighty Fine Art website as I write.
Turner's Dog

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