Thursday, 23 June 2016

'Miles Away' - New Drawing.

 I completed a new graphite pencil drawing this week, the first for quite a while. After sending off two framed drawings to their new owners recently, I realised I had no more lions left in my portfolio. So I set about finding an attractive high quality reference photograph to help me create another. I chose an image from the Paint My Photo website taken by Gary Jones. I've used quite a few of Gary's wildlife photographs in the past as he seems to have a knack for capturing wonderful expression and mood in his subjects. I chose this one because of that pensive, faraway look, as well as of course the sharp detail and quality of the photo itself. Gary is one of the finest photographers that I know and it's a privilege to have access to some of his work.

This is an Asiatic lion, also known as the Indian or Persian lion. It differs from it's African cousin predominantly because of it's less developed mane, a larger tail tuft and also slightly narrower facial features. They are an endangered subspecies although their numbers have increased slightly in recent years due to the efforts of the Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in India.

My drawing is A3 sized on a sheet of Bristol board, framed to a total size of 24 x 19 inches using a silky charcoal black frame with a bright silver sight edge.

It's now up for sale from my Mighty Fine Art website.

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