Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Back in the Shed

Had my delivery from Wessex Pictures this morning (great service as usual) so been in my shed making a frame. I'm trying out a new moulding which is a 1 1/8" flat distressed silver although it has a pale gold hue to it. A bit more expensive, it has a nice deep rebate compared to what I've been using, making it almost square in cross section. I got it for framing my monochrome drawings but really like the colour and finish of it, so I'm using it to frame my new watercolour 'Simple Minds' featuring the giraffe faces. I should be able to upload it for sale from my website either tonight or tomorrow morning. I know people are clamouring to get in first before it's gone..... (he says as he starves to death)

'Simple Minds'

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